Miss Piratesavvy

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December 9, 2018

How did you get into cosplay?

Went to my first convention (San Diego Comic Con) back in 2010 dressed as Catwoman and quickly learned the world of Cosplay.

Who was your 1st cosplay and why?

Catwoman was my first and I chose her because she was a childhood hero.

What do you geek out about?

That’s a question that has a lot of answers. I get excited for a lot of things in life! For more nerd related subjects, comic releases, movies, video games, animes…those topics I generally get really excited for!

When you’re not cosplaying, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

As a student and holding a job, there isn’t much room for fun sadly! Although you’ll find me catching up on some mangas, playing some sort of video game whether on my PC or PS3, watching movies, or going out on an adventure somewhere.

What would your dream job be?

I’m working currently towards a career in Nutrition. So something in that field would be AWESOME!

What do you enjoy most about cons?

The children! The excitement and awestruck faces peering up at you are priceless.

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