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Aime and Lance Jaze, creators and co-founders of Jaze Cosplay, are a renowned cosplay power couple! This husband and wife team know the value in honorably and respectfully portraying the characters that they love and admire. With both Aime and Lance having backgrounds in the entertainment & acting industry (theatre, music, television and film), bringing characters to life is a specialty of theirs! They work extremely hard bringing movie-quality costumes to life, building many of their own costumes, props, producing some in-house photography along with all of their own digital artwork! They truly enjoy when their level of commitment positively impacts the Fans of these characters.

How did you get into cosplay?

Lance and I both have a passionate love for building and creating things! We love movies, television, theatre, video games, basically all great forms of entertainment, and dressing up for Halloween was among the top of that list! But once a year was never enough and though we’d never truly built a costume from scratch before then, we both longed to try our crafting hand at so many different characters. When we attended our first convention in costume (Phoenix Comicon 2012) it was love at first Con! <3 Who was your 1st cosplay and why?

Aime: I am naturally drawn to strong female characters, so my first cosplay was an easy choice, Xena: Warrior Princess! I love and adore this character (and we still watch Xena and Hercules to this day, lol).
Lance: I’ve been a huge fan of Daredevil for many many years, so my first character choice was easy!

What do you geek out about?

We love geeking out over other great cosplays and complimenting the costumers hard work and dedication!

When you’re not cosplaying, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

There is so much enjoyment in cosplaying and building costumes, it is hard to define other terms for fun! Though one of our favorite leisure-time activities is going to see an awesome movie in DBox 3D.

What would your dream job be?

We’re living it together right now!

What do you enjoy most about cons?

The reaction from the fans the moment their eyes light up and they can’t help but smile when they see you in character!

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