Abby Dark Star

January 22, 2018

No events scheduled for today!

Your Stage Name– Abby Dark Star

Your Real Name– N/A

Birthday–  February 18th

Hometown– St. Augustine, FL

Years in Cosplay– 7 Years

First Cosplay– Anita Blake

Facebook Fan Page Name– Abby Dark Star

Twitter Name-@abbydarkstar

Bio- About 15-20 words about you :

Abby got into costuming by way of being a theater geek. Influenced by her stay at home Dad, she enjoys passing on the joys that she experienced as a child to people and families at conventions.

What is your favorite Costume? About 15-20 words

My favorite costume is Poison Ivy, because she is smart, deadly and confident. Her costumes are always creative and original!

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